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“Ode to Autumn” commentary video

John Keat's House
Image by Emily Barney via Flickr

Here is a short video with my commentary about Keat’s poem “Ode to Autumn“. It includes some photos to help the reader get an idea of what England looks like, and what Keats had in mind when he used certain words. Thanks again for all your wonderful comments. You inspire me to do more!

Ode to Autumn commentary video (click here if you cannot see the video below; this is an alternative link).

(This article reminds me that Winchester is where Jane Austen is buried, and that her home in Hampshire is 30 minutes’ drive away from Winchester. See this article for more information.)

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“Ode to Autumn” video

As feedback has been so positive, and because these videos are quite easy to make, and because listening and reading at the same time is most effective for  language learning, here is another one.

I am also working on “commentary” videos, which will be, well, comments on the poem (!), with some pictures.

Ode to Autumn (click here if you have trouble seeing the video below. This is an alternative).