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March 16 session

Dear Readers,

Our next session will be next week. I plan to focus on the following episodes from “Wind, Sand and Stars”:

  1. Guillaumet lost in the Andes – chapter II, section II, page 30-40 (end of chapter II)
  2. Chapter IV (pages 48-62) – the cyclone
  3. Chapter V, section II, pages 68-74 (end of chapter V) – night in the Sahara
  4. Chapter VI, pages 76-82 (end of chapter VI) – the snakes under the table
  5. Chapter VII, section I (pages 85-90) – the gazelle in the Sahara
  6. Chapter VII, section V pages 106-119 – Bark the slave
  7. Chapter IX, pages 174-189 – the Spanish Civil War
  8. Chapter IX, section VI pages  215-224.
  9. Chapter X – conclusion.

We won’t read ALL the above sections next Wednesday! But I would be interested to hear your comments. In particular, I hope you will tell me those sections, episodes, sentences or phrases which you particularly remember.

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday March 16th.