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Session #19 December 2nd, 2009: The Age of Innocence (follow up)

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Thanks to everyone who attended today.

A few follow-up points:

  1. Speaking of economics, I mentioned Paul Volcker as head of the Federal Reserve before Bernanke. This was not quite correct. He WAS head of the Federal Reserve… but before Greenspan. He was later head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and most recently was chosen as a key member of Obama’s economic advisory team.
  2. Amazon Japan cannot find Japanese translations of Peter Schiff‘s book Crashproof (and the latest edition, called Crashproof 2.0), but here are a list of websites in Japanese that came up in a google search on ピーター・シッフ:
    1. ピーターシッフ

    2. ピーターシフ – Wikipedia

    3. もんどセレクト: ピーターシフ講演(@オーストリア学派年次学会

    4. 地政学を英国で学ぶ : ピーターシフは正しかった

    5. ピーターシフ金価格に- ForexForum.GR

  3. Henry Hazlitt’s book Economics in One Lesson is also unfortunately not in Japanese (?). You can buy it from Amazon or download the PDF file for free from the Wikipedia entry on Hazlitt. Here’s a small blog entry in Japanese I found about Hazlitt.  And here is another Japanese website on Hazlitt: it lists the books in Hazlitt’s list which he called “The Free Man’s Library”, i.e. books that a person interested in freedom should read.
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