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April 27th session report

Rifuan, April 6th, 2011
Rifuan, April 6th, 2011

We are still working our way through an English translation of St Exupery’s “Wind Sand and Stars”.  In today’s session, we read through and discussed sections 4-6. Our next session will be May 25th.

  1. uillaumet lost in the Andes – chapter II, section II, page 30-40 (end of chapter II)
  2. Chapter IV (pages 48-62) – the cyclone
  3. Chapter V, section II, pages 68-74 (end of chapter V) – night in the Sahara
  4. Chapter VI, pages 76-82 (end of chapter VI) – the snakes under the table
  5. Chapter VII, section I (pages 85-90) – the gazelle in the Sahara
  6. Chapter VII, section V pages 106-119 – Bark the slave
  7. Chapter IX, pages 174-189 – the Spanish Civil War
  8. Chapter IX, section VI pages  215-224.
  9. Chapter X – conclusion.