Session #6: The Unreliable Narrator (and the epistolary novel) April 1st, 2009

Image via Wikipedia In today’s session, we read an extract from Kazuo Ishiguro‘s novel The Remains of the Day, as an example of “the unreliable narrator” technique. We also read an extract from Michael Frayn‘s The Trick of It (1989), as an example of the epistolary novel. We had a long discussion about The Remains … Continue reading Session #6: The Unreliable Narrator (and the epistolary novel) April 1st, 2009

Session #3: Mystery & Suspense

Session #3, February 25th, 2009. Today’s themes were mystery and suspense. To illustrate the various meanings of suspense, I chose a passage from Thomas Hardy‘s novel A Pair of Blue Eyes (1873). You can read the passage for yourself online. It is from Chapter 22 and begins “At first, when death appeared improbably because it … Continue reading Session #3: Mystery & Suspense

Session #1: Beginnings

Image by mseckington via Flickr Session #1, January 28th, 2009. We read two excerpts in today’s session: the first few paragraphs from “Emma” (1816) (Japanese Wikipedia link here) by the English writer Jane Austen (Japanese link here), and the opening paragraph from “The Good Soldier” (1915) by the English writer Ford Madox Ford After reading … Continue reading Session #1: Beginnings


月2回集まり、英語の勉強会です。英語の小説と新聞等々を読んでディスカッションする。グループのブログです。どんな感じか知りたい方々は参加者のコメントを読んで下さい。参加者からのコメントはここにあります。 This blog is for Marc Sheffner’s Informal Reading Group, which meets twice a month in the Gakuenmae area of Nara city, Japan, to read excerpts of high-quality English writing and talk about it. This group started in January, 2009. So far we have been reading mainly English fiction. Each session has a theme. Each theme … Continue reading About