October meeting announcement

Our next meeting is Oct. 4th.  For next time, we will read up to the end of Part One – The Gravedigger’s Handbook.

At our next meeting, nstead of reading through this part, I suggest that we each choose one or two sections or images or ideas to read aloud and discuss.

Below are some questions that might help you organize your thoughts.

  • Summary. How would you briefly summarize the main points of this section?  If you had to tell someone what this section is about in less than a minute, what would you say?
  • Insights. What were the key insights you gleaned from this section?
  • What were your main disagreements with the author (if any)? Reading is an active exercise, and disagreement is part of what stimulates our own growth and development.
  • Holes. What did you feel was missing from the section? No book is perfect.
  • Takeaways. What did you “get” from this section? Try to list two or three things you learned .
  • Snippet. What are the sentences or images or events that you found most memorable?

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