September meeting – last Malamud session

summer journey
summer journey

It is still hot, but I can feel approaching autumn, can’t you?

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, Sept 26th, 3-15 at Rifuan (as usual).
We will read and discuss the last section of Bernard Malamud’s “The Natural”.

I have a suggestion for this meeting. This is an experiment.

I would like you to write about your experience of reading this novel over the past few months.

My idea is that the writings will be read out aloud at the meeting and we will discuss them.
I will write something, too, about my experience of reading this novel and discussing it with you.

There are no rules for this writing! You are completely free to write about whatever you want, but please don’t write a summary of the story. What I am hoping to read or hear from you is your EXPERIENCE of reading this novel.
If you want, you can,
1) write anonymously
2) write in English
3) write in Japanese
4) or both!
5) write something for me personally and ask that it not be read aloud;
6) write as much or as little as you like;
7) refuse to write anything at all!

Perhaps while you were reading the story, parts of it reminded you of someone or something in your own experience. Or perhaps someone or something in the story was the opposite of someone or something in your own experience.
Perhaps while you were reading the story, something else was happening in your life. I know many things happened for you over the several months we read this novel.

What I am particularly interested in, personally, is what it is like for a Japanese to read an English novel, this novel in particular.

Please don’t think of this as a writing “assignment”. I don’t want you be concerned about spelling or grammar or correct English. I won’t give you a grade!
I want you to try to put down some kind of truth about your experience.

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