May Meeting

Thanks to all who attended the April meeting, where we read part 5 of “The Natural”.

We had a lively discussion about the ending of this part: why does the lady in red leave the stadium so quickly? Why do the other fans leave, too? Which fans? The Knights’ fans, because they assume their team has lost? Or the opposing team’s fans because they assume THEY have lost?


Our next meeting will be May 30th, when we will read part 6.

2 thoughts on “May Meeting”

  1. I missed this session. Now that I finished reading the next chapter VI , I think Iris thought he failed at the moment he swung and left without seeing the result, as she “hate to see a hero fail”. The same with the Knight’s fans. In general, fans would like to stay to praise the day’s hero when they think his critical hitting is successful.

  2. As we learned in the sessions water signifies some bad omen in this novel, for example when Roy was shot by a girl, Harriet, ” the bullet cut a silver line across the water.”(p.31)

    I wonder if water has feminine implications and Roy is destined to “get sidetracked” (p57) by women?

    Roy’s slump took a breather by a presence of a woman, Iris, who rose and smiled in the stands for Roy.(p126) But then?

    The author never give any easy answer to readers.

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