Not all foreigners are leaving Tokyo

Over the last week there have been many newspaper articles saying “Thousands flee Tokyo”.  (See one example in the Financial Times and another one in the British Daily Mail.)

Well, not all foreigners are fleeing Tokyo or Japan. Here is one report by Alex Bieber who is not afraid to stay and who is rather ashamed of people who have left. (If you have a Facebook account, you can read the Japanese version here. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can download the PDF here.)

Another foreigner, an American, who lives in Tokyo and who is not leaving is Mike Rogers. He is also angry at many non-Japanese who have left Tokyo or Japan.  He has written many blog posts on this subject, but here is one example. He has also provided lots of facts and links to such useful sources of information as Radiation levels in Shinjuku, radiation levels in Tsukuba, comments by phone from the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir John Beddington.

What is needed is factual knowledge which allows you to interpret the information from the TV and newspapers. This has finally been provided by some TV programs, and I wrote about them here and here.

Here is a very interesting chart which shows how much radiation you get from different activities, starting with the very lowest dose – sleeping next to someone!

The situation at Fukushima remains critical, but it looks as if it is stabilizing. And as Sir John Beddington said,

this is very problematic for the area and the immediate vicinity and one has to have concerns for the people working there. Beyond that 20-30km, it’s really not an issue for health.

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  1. It is hard to express my feelings exactly. I have been amazed and deeply moved in awe of the behavior or manners of the survivors. They share food, take care of each other, worry about others and show the best tenderness in the extreme sadness and suffering. No looting at all. How they can behave like these? Are these the respectful characteristics of the Japanese? I got to be proud of being Japanese after a long time. I had been ashamed of being Japanese since many Japanese companies started to throw away Japanese virtue and started to treat part-time workers or temporary workers as disposable.

    Now I am reading +several articles or documents on nuclear power plants’ threat. Many specialists or scholars are expressing their opinions. It is confusing. I’ll express my opinion if I finish all of them. The exodus out of Tokyo seems to have been caused by foreign media which had fanned the fear of people. Anyway it is sure that we are in the same boat, Japan and the earth. Nowhere to escape.

  2. From the chart in this blog I understood the following things.(1)”The radiation dose person can absorb from various sources.”(2)”The unit for absorbed dose is sievert(sv) and measure the effect a dose of radiation will have on the cells of the body.”(3)”We safely absorb small amounts of natural radiation daily.” (4)”One sievert(all at once) will make you sick,and too many will kill you.”
    I checked the “unit”. one micron SV( 1μ SV ) is 1/1000,000 SV. 1 mSV is 1/1000 SV.
    According to the chart which how much radiation you get from different activities,
    *Sleeping next to someone (0.05 μ SV)
    *living within 50miles of a nuclear power plant for a year (0.09 μ SV)
    *eating banana(0.1μ SV)
    *one arm X-ray(1μ SV)
    *Using a CRT(ブラウン管)monitor for a year (1μ SV)
    *dental or hand X-ray(5μ SV)
    *Extra dose from one day in an average town near the Fukushima plant (~3.5 μ SV as of March 17th.,various quite a bit)
    *airplane flight from New York to LA(40μ SV)
    Maximum yearly dose permitted for US radiation worker(50 msv)

    It said in “note”, “the same number of sieverts absorbed in a shorter time will generally cause more damage, but cumulative long -term dose plays a big role in things like cancer risk.”

    Normal yearly background dose. About85% is from natural sources. Nearly all of the rest is from medical scans (~3.65 msv)

    Last year I took medical check and scans many times.(CT scans-3times, Chest X-ray =3times).But it is small within the safety.

  3. We have to help people in devastated area by many means as possible as we can. I donated some money and am going to continue to send.According to today’s news,”Tokyo Water Bureau officials say levels of radioactive iodine in some city tap water is two times the recommended limit for infants.They recommended that babies not be given tap water,although they said the water is not an immediate health for adults.” This is very serious for people in some city.We are very afraid of radioactivity. It can’t be seen and how much is dangerous for our bodies.So right ,true information and factual knowledge is very important.

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