How to donate to Japan earthquake charity efforts

In Japan:

Japan Red Cross online donation site


Outside Japan:

Donate to Japan Disaster Relief here: 

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Below is a comment left on an article about American airline flight attendants being concerned about flying into Tokyo.

My wife was Purser on a flight descending into Narita, Tokyo’s International Airport, when the earthquake struck. Her flight eventually ended in Osaka. When the crews were returned to Narita they visited shelters and left what food they could find as well as their own jackets, scarves and gloves.

Upon returning home, two days later than scheduled, she put out a call for warm jackets and cold weather gear. She and other crew members also purchased, out of their own pockets, as much preserved milk and flashlights as they could carry.

Yesterday the crew returned to Narita with more than 20 large bags of jackets, blankets, gloves and the milk and flashlights. Our entry way is still stacked to the ceiling with more jackets and clothing that will be going in every day with the flight attendants.

Were they nervous about it? Of course. How could one not be worried with the legions of science illiterate reporters spreading hysteria? Still they went to work and are doing far more than their jobs require.

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  1. Media often report like this “…. an amount of radiation hundred times higher than the normal level…..” This sounds abnormal and alarming, but the fact is it is not still hazardous to our health. Actually the amount of a hundred times is 5 to 15 micro sievert (“micro sievert” is 1/1000 of “milli sievert”) depending on the area. We will be exposed to, for example, 190 micro sievert radiation to and from New York by air, or 50 micro sievert by chest X-ray examination.

    As a basic stance for emergency, I prefer “better safe than sorry”, but I don’t want to overreact, though under the circumstances it’s quite difficult to know what will happen and on what scale .

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