February session

The February session will be held on Wednesday February 23rd, at the usual time and place.

Here, I will post some answers to questions that were asked in the January session. I will also post links to matters that were discussed in the January session.

Later, I will post some suggestions for chapters or sections of “Wind, Sand and Stars” to read. We don’t have time to read the whole book, page by page.

You can help me choose chapters or sections. Tell me which chapter or section you enjoyed reading (in English or in Japanese).

Also, as you are reading, ask your questions in the comments. I will answer in the comments or at the next (February) session.

I look forward to hearing from you.

One thought on “February session”

  1. “I thought I would pick out the best parts of “Wind, Sand and Stars”, but it is all good! So, let’s say chapters up to and including chapter 6 “Oasis”.”

    Thank you, Marc, for this notice to all of us by email. “Oasis” is one of my favorite episodes along with PP.68-74 pp.129-131, pp.215-224, and so on. In fact, it is all good as you wrote.

    This book is like a treasure box to me. Author’s images, thoughts, philosophy, his use of words (seeing from Japanese translation), are like gems, and they naturally infuse themselves into my heart.
    Above all, how the pilots who were “enthralled by the witchery of flying” lived is uplifting. Mermoz once said “It’s worth the final smash-up.” How can we, ordinary people, live like that? He also touched it by writing about the meaning of life and death, and truth.

    I hope every member is enjoying this book as a person who recommended this and is very grateful to Marc for guiding.

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