The idea that the “real” world we live in is not real is not a solely Christian idea. In Lewis’ books we come across the idea that, although this world is real, it is only a taste of a reality which is even MORE real (e.g. in his story “The Great Divorce”, in which everything in heaven is super-real.

Here, for comparison, are a few lines from the Hindu philosophical texts, the Upanishads:

“Lead me from the unreal to the real !
Lead me from darkness to light !
Lead me from death to immortality !”
Brihad-aranyaka Upanishad, c. 800-400 BCE, 1.3.28

5 thoughts on “Reality/unreality”

  1. page88 ” Well might the Lady say of her world that the fruit you ate at any moment was, at that moment, the best.” I think this sentence regards as the following, Be satisfied with what exist now in your circumstance or reach, and you are content with your real life.

  2. After Ransom tried to relax and assert his independence from the Green Lady, he felt “Taking the wrong way, it suffocated; taken the right way, it made terrestrial life seem a vacuum.” Page62. “His day became better and better as the hours passed.” page 63.
    I think his feeling was the consequence of his actions. Though I don’t want to use the word “simply”.

  3. It was very impressive for me that the colourful feast of scenery and the marvelous floating islands in Perelandra, which seemed to what we could reach, but could not reach.
    C.S.Lewis described various coloured things,expressing shade,tone,tinge and tint.
    The other day I visited 大神神社、長谷寺、談山神社、etc. There they were amid the trees aflame with red and yellow. The beautiful full red and yellow and mixed coloured leaves were too splendid to describe, and so wonderful that overwhelmed me. At that time for a moment ,I wondered if they were real or unreal. They looked like merciful light of the ”観音菩薩”。

  4. In the stories, on Malacandra and Perelandra, the events are described as Ransom’s memories conveyed by a third person, a writer, Prof. Lewis. They include the facts and Ransom’s awareness, including his hesitation, exhilaration, fear, doubt, etc, and the whole thing shows reality.

    In literature, sometimes fictional matters are also important elements for being reality.
    In religion it seems that some ideas have more reality than the real things we see in this world.

  5. I wonder what is the true meaning of reality. I wonder who decide this is reality or not.
    I think that at least decision maker is not God ,nor Buddha , but we,human beings. As time goes by, however, we become to feel that the passed things are unreality. In Buddhism everything is Sunya (vacancy ) in Japanese 空(くう)。空 means zero or infinity.

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