Session 25: April 21st, 2010 – Chps 11-13 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Christmas Pudding

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While eating some Christmas pudding, also called plum pudding, we summarized and discussed chapters 11-13 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Our next session will be the last Wednesday in May, May 26th. We will summarize and discuss the last chapters of the book.

In addition, I plan to discuss these questions:
1) Why do we read?
2) Lewis said the Narnian stories are fairy tales. How is a fairy tale different from other kinds of fiction?
3) Lewis wrote that he chose to write the Narnian stories as fairy-tales because the fairy-tale was the best way to express what he wanted to say. What did he want to say?

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  1. We also learned about the origin of the White Witch. In “The Magician’s Nephew”, she is called Jadis, and she ended all life in her country Charn by using a magical word, or 滅びの言葉 (in Japanese work of translaation). She chose destruction over losing the battle to her sister. Her sister knew Jadis had discovered the magical word but did not think she would use it. We thought of other examples of this kind of magical word in other stories. Later I came up with this that nuclear weapons in this world would be equivalent to it. Toward the end of “The Magician’s Nephew”, Aslan warns Digory and Polly (the two children in that story) that some vicious people on the Earth will find out a secret as dangerous as the magical word which will destroy all the living things and people like Jadis would rule some countries without sense of justice and mercy.

  2. We appreciate Marc’s generosity. He served us Turkish Delights which the White Witch offered to Edmund who wanted to eat a lot more of it, and Plum Pudding which the squirrel family ate at merry party as it was getting warmer and warmer. When they came up in the story he brought to us. Thanks to him, we could know what they tasted and smelled like, like some characters of Lewis’ Narnia. “Seeing is believing”.

  3. It was very nice of you, Marc, to bring us Christmas Pudding (Plum Pudding). How delicious and rich it is!
    Yum-Yum. It was my first experience to eat this kind of pudding. Ingredients may be many kinds of nuts, dried fruits, raisins, berries, brandy, liqueur and some flour.

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