Session 21 Follow-up

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1979)
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In Session 21, we read chapter 1 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and discussed it. Some of the matters we discussed were:

  • the evacuation of London during World War II
  • the delight of exploring new places
  • the attraction of large buildings with lots of rooms (perhaps it reminded Lewis of the image in the Bible (New Testament): “In my Father’s house are many rooms” John 14:1-4)
  • what we learn about the four children from what they say in chapter 1
  • the possible significance of the children’s names (Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy all the names have a long history, but only two of the names are Biblical (Peter and Susan)
  • big books (especially the Bible – some – photos – here)
  • how some words have changed in meaning and use since 1950 when the book was first published (especially chap, wireless and queer)
  • badgers – a well-known and well-loved wild animal in Britain.
  • the meaning of “bluebottle“: is it a fly or a flower?

(to be continued…)

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3 thoughts on “Session 21 Follow-up”

  1. When I heard that “the heart of the country” was deep in the countryside, I understood the explanation but did not have a clear image about it. Then, I found the expression “the heart of the mountains”, 山ふところ in Japanese (ふところ=deep inside pocket especially of kimono). This gave me an exact image.

    1. Why do you use the word “image”? You mean, “a Japanese equivalent”, or “a precise translation”, perhaps? I don’t quite understand your use of the word “image” here. And why is it necessary to have an “image” if you “understood the explanation”?

      1. Actually I got some image from your explanation about it and it led me to try to find another example how to use” heart” because it was new for me. And to find some other examples and associate to are both joyful. But I found that my comment did not say it but just showed the contradiction about my understanding.

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