Session #17 November 11th: British autumn, and the philosophy or art

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Update #2: At the bottom of this page is an audio player. Click on it and you will hear a recording of this session. (The mic recorded my voice clearly; it was not intended to record the other participants.)

Update #1:  Ayn Rand‘s ideas on art, her philosophy of art, were expressed in a book called “The Romantic Manifesto”. I will bring some quotes from this book, to discuss. Do you know what Romanticism is? Here is the link to the Japanese Wikipedia entry, and to the English wikipedia entry, and to the Simple English Wikipedia entry.

The next session will be Wednesday November 11th, 3-5 pm.

As I said last time, I would like to discuss the philosophy of art.

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2 thoughts on “Session #17 November 11th: British autumn, and the philosophy or art”

  1. While I have an idea that some artists express something of themselves to make themselves sufficient, I’ve got the idea that there are different type of artists like Ayn Rand who figures out her definite ideas first and sets them in her novels. And today’s materials helped me to know reasons why the heroes were idealistic and stories were so powerful.

  2. I’m not well versed in art in general, and I have just likes and dislikes. I had thought my sensibility determined my likes and dislikes. Today I’ve learned my ethics, or value system, respond. Long, long time ago, someone wanted to create something and it became inspiring great work or art, and someone like us understand what they were trying to do. The same emotion still exists today, and I feel like connected with them beyond time and space.

    Let me introduce Egmont Overture by a Romantic composer Beethoven. It’s been one of my favorites since I heard it for the first time when I was young. Beethoven composed it to Goethe’s play Egmont. (This story is a fiction based on a historical fact.) While listening, I see resolute and sublime Egmont taken to a scaffold.

    Youtube is here.

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