“Ode to Autumn” video

As feedback has been so positive, and because these videos are quite easy to make, and because listening and reading at the same time is most effective for  language learning, here is another one.

I am also working on “commentary” videos, which will be, well, comments on the poem (!), with some pictures.

Ode to Autumn (click here if you have trouble seeing the video below. This is an alternative).

3 thoughts on ““Ode to Autumn” video”

  1. Tone of voice makes a great difference when read aloud. This “Ode to Autumn” makes me feel peaceful and pastoral landscape,completely different from the previous ones.
    I know “lost in translation”, but understanding what they say helps deepen the appreciation much better.
    Poems are interesting!

  2. I think this one has the most poetic words and sounds between these you have read for us. So,when I learned it at Reading Class it seemed to be difficult for me, but now I started to get clearer vew about it thanks to you. Having found the phrase 「去年(こぞ)の雪いまいずこ」by Francois Villon in my book made me please and think about the echo,” Where are the songs of Spring?” I thought the phrase by Villon was metaphor for women he loved, now I feel his seeing the passing time off calmly alone. And John Keats,he is keeping his eyes on these favorite scenes realizing this time will be passed really sooner.

  3. This blog has gotten more active and more interactive recently. It’s a nice thing. (^0^)/ 

    Your picture is very effective, I mean, I feel you’re talking comments out of the small window (cut by “Subtle Knife?”)

    When I see the series of the comments, I feel they’re the pleasant combination of members’ different notes, like singing in harmony.

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