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Follow me on Goodreads. Why not create an account for yourself while you’re at it? Below you can see books I’ve read recently and books I’m currently reading. I’m discovering Elmore Leonard and Henry Miller. I’ve not read any of Miller’s books except “Miller on Writing” and “The Books in My Life”. It was the latter (which I have not yet finished) which got me interested.

Miller was a great storyteller, a raconteur, and if you are like me and want to see and hear what Miller looked and sounded like, you can find some good interviews with him and other tidbits (short documentaries and such) on YouTube.

Goodreads is useful to get reviews of books you think you might want to read but want to know more about it or about the author first. When you’re finished reading, you can write a short review.

I also use Goodreads to keep track of things I want to read.

Sheffner's books

Four Later Novels: Get Shorty / Rum Punch / Out of Sight / Tishomingo Blues
it was amazing
These are excellent. I saw the movies of "Get Shorty" (which I actually prefer to the novel), "Jackie Brown" (Rum Punch), and "Out of Sight" (Clooney and J-Lo). Each story seems better than the one before (and they are listed in this col…
Out of Sight
it was amazing
Brilliant dialogue. The scene where Jack and Karen square off/get to know each other in the hotel bar is excellent. It comes off much better on the page than it did in the movie, good tho the movie was, mainly because of J-Lo’s acting.
The Road is a River
it was amazing
Brilliant. Sad but brilliant. A Hemingway for our times, and not so bleak. Sad but not bleak.

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