June – final meeting report

June was the last meeting of this Informal Reading Group (IRG).  We discussed the last section of “The Book Thief”.

One of the questions we discussed was the one so many people have asked: why does God allow such cruelty and suffering to happen? Isn’t this proof that God does not exist? An answer is hinted at in “The Book Thief” : silence;meaning, there is no God. Do you have an answer to this question?

Many thanks to the reader who suggested this book.

And many heartfelt thanks to all of you who have participated over the years, and, with your charming personalities, good humour and intelligent comments and questions, have helped to make this a stimulating and enjoyable group.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I hope you did too.

So, farewell to all of you, not only those who were present at the June session, but those who have come and gone over the years. You are not forgotten.

This blog was started in March 2009. You can visit the archives on the left-hand sidebar. Some of the original members also started their own English blogs. You can see them listed in the sidebar, too. Check them out when you have time.


This blog will stay up. I may add to it later.

Best wishes to you all and thanks again.


2 thoughts on “June – final meeting report”

  1. There is time to sow and also time to reap…
    Each session was fruitful and had many suggestions
    to think about.

    Thank you so much to have served as an engine of guide for us, Marc.
    And thank you a lot for having accompanied and learned together over many years,
    dear members.

    1. Thank you, late summer. I will be posting more book reviews here from time to time, so please come back and visit.

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