January meeting report and February announcement

Our January meeting was held on January 17th.  We finished reading part 3 and read up to “Pages in the Basement” (p. 126) in part four.

We discussed the unexpected side of Rosa’s nature: Rosa is a good woman in a crisis! The image of the young thief Arthur Berg holding his dead sister remained in the memory of many readers. We also discussed the meaning of “Mensch”: origianlly a German word (as in “Saumensch”) it was borrowed into Yiddish. See the Wikipedia entry here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mensch. Rosa is (unexpectedly!) a Mensch.

Next time  will be Feb. 21st (not 14th as we agreed at January’s meeting due to scheduling conflicts). Another group is using the room until 3 pm, so earlycomers may have to wait a little.

We will start reading/discussing from “Pages in the Basement” which is nearly the end of Part Four, and continue into Part Five.

I look forward to seeing you all there. Until then,

Happy New Year

Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous year.






“There is never a stop to the sunrise. Sunrise happens all day long. Somewhere on this earth the sun is rising. Somewhere on this earth the sun is setting. That was just where YOU were. It never stops. It keeps happening all day long. And what is your night, somewhere is daylight.”