August meeting report


At our August meeting, we read the Prologue of “The Book Thief“.

Our next meeting will be on September 6th, where we will read and discuss chapter 1 – “Arrival on Himmel Street” up to chapter 2 “Saumensch”.

Many thanks to Okuda-san for making all those copies at the last minute.

Our August meeting will be held on Aug. 2nd at the usual place and time. We may have a few new people joining us today.

I apologize for not contact you all earlier. I was very busy with classes and final exams until Monday 31st.

As for the choice of book, not everyone commented, but it seems “The Book Thief” is the popular choice, so we will go with that.

Could those people who have the book “The Book Thief” make a copy of chapter 1 in case people attend who do not have a copy of the book? I only have a digital version of “The Book Thief”.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.