October meeting

In our September meeting, we discussed what we had been reading recently.  What have I been reading recently? I’ll tell you later.

We also welcomed a guest today. I hope she enjoyed the session and that we will see her again.

By the way, the next session will be October 19th. We have not quite finished the Alice Munro story, but we should finish it next time.

Next time, I will bring some non-fiction for us to read and discuss. Feel free to bring something that you enjoy reading. I will bring something short that we can read and finish discussing in one or two sessions.

Today, I mentioned Youtube videos of Barack Obama when his teleprompter breaks down.  There are many such videos out there, but here are just two that I found:

And can you tell which woman is the real Hillary Clinton? Observers have noticed at least two women used as “body doubles” for Hillary Clinton recently.

Take the quiz here: https://www.quiz-maker.com/Q0UHTP1

Background story here: https://steemit.com/politics/@aggroed/hillary-clinton-guessing-game-can-you-pick-the-real-hillary-out-of-these-photos-of-impersonators-randos-and-actors

Now you know what I have been “reading” recently.