June meeting

Iris Lemon (Glenn Close) in "The Natural"
Iris Lemon (Glenn Close) in “The Natural”.

In today’s session, we read part VII (7). After meeting Irish, swimming with her and making love, Roy seems to change course and is seriously chasing after Memo again. What?!? This guy is crazy! Can’t he see which woman is better for him? Even he admits to himself that Memo is not the domestic housewife/mother type, yet still he lusts after her. What an idiot!

He carries a letter from Iris around with him, but he doesn’t read it! Instead, he eats and eats and eats and finally gets sick. Ha! Serves him right! He cannot control his appetites, either for food or for sex, or for fame and glory on the baseball diamond.

By the way, I found the photo above on a blog which discusses the movie “The Natural”: the blogger says the father-son relationship is one of the biggest themes in “The Natural” (the movie, not the novel). I wonder what you think? You can read it here: http://checkthis.com/mwwz


Our next session will be July 11th when we will read part VIII.

There will be no session in August, and in September we will finish reading “The Natural” – yay!!  (At last.)