WS2, wk15, January 23rd 2015

Today’s class

  • Hand in your final essay
  • Answer any 5 of these questions:
    1. Why does Lewis give Uncle Andrew’s godmother the name Mrs LeFay?
    2. What was Atlantis?
    3. Why did Aslan create Narnia?
    4. Why did Aslan give some, but not all, animals the gift of speech?
    5. Why did Lewis use two children, a boy and a girl, as his main characters?
    6. Why did Lewis make Jadis evil yet also beautiful and strong?
    7. Why are the first Narnian King and Queen ordinary people, not special or important people?
    8. Why does Aslan not punish Digory for bringing Jadis into Narnia but instead gives him a task to do?
    9. Why is Digory responsible for bringing Jadis into Narnia?
    10. Why does Digory not listen to Jadis but brings the apple back to Aslan?

I enjoyed teaching you these semester. Enjoy this life.