WS2, wk12, December 19th 2014


  • Start writing your essay.
  • (Email me your essay topic  if you were absent today.)
  • Your essay should
    • be between 800-1,500 words
    • be in academic format (double-spaced),
    • have at least 5 paragraphs (introduction, body and conclusion)
    • have a bibliography – a list of all the books, articles, websites, movies, videos, etc. you read or watched in your research.
  • here’s a link to my CS Lewis resource page on this website.
  • Here’s another list of books by or about CS Lewis, both in English and in Japanese  CSLewis_booklist2

Today’s class

  1. Presentation on Polly and Digory by Ms. Fukushima and Yamada.
  2. Presentation on the Narnia countries by Isoda and Kimura.
  3. We watched the end of the movie “Shadowlands”, the story of C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman.
  4. httpv://

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