WS2, wk11, December 12th 2014


  • Prepare your presentation.
  • Choose your essay topic by next week December 19th.

Today’s class

  1. Presentation by Ms. Ito, Okada and Toshikawa on “Talking Animals in the Narnia series and other stories”
  2. Presenation by Ms. Kamada and Matsuda on “Narnia and the Bible”.
  3. More of the movie “Shadowlands” about C.S. Lewis’ relationship with Joy Davidman.
    1. In today’s episode, Lewis brings Joy home and they sleep toegether in the same room for the first time. Joy is in remission from her cancer, but nobody knows when it will come back. They attended the May Morning httpv:// and visited the Golden Valley. goldenvalleygoldenvalley2Lewis had done neither of these things in his life before, but Joy suggested it and they did it. They have a short but happy time together. Then Joy’s cancer returns. There is nothing that the doctors can do. She returns to Lewis’ home in Oxford, this time on a stretcher.
    2. We watched the movie from 1:30:30 to 1:55:00 httpv://