WS2, wk10, December 5th 2014


  • Prepare your presentation
  • Start thinking about your essay topic.

NB: the makeup class for cancelled week 6 will be on January 10th, not December 13th or 20th.

Today’s class

  1. Presentation by Ms. Sakurai and Shintani on “The relation between Christianity and Lewis”
  2. Presenation by Ms. Honda and Jinno on “C.S. Lewis’ Life”.
  3. More of the movie “Shadowlands” about C.S. Lewis’ relationship with Joy Davidman.
    1. In today’s episode, Lewis realizes rather late that he is actually in love with Joy, even though he originally married her to be helpful, not because he loved her. Now that she is dying of cancer, he becomes more and more attached to her. He visits her in hospital every day. He takes care of her son Douglas. Eventually, he proposes to Joy and they are married in a simple ceremony in the hospital.
    2. On one of his train journeys, he meets his old student who has now become a teacher. They have a drink together.
    3. 1:16:43 to 1:30:30
    4. httpv://

2 thoughts on “WS2, wk10, December 5th 2014”

  1. Ok. We have had presentations on the same topic, so please try to tell us something new about it. I look forward to seeing you next Friday.

  2. Hello, Mr.Sheffner.
    Next week, there is our group (I and Ms. Fukushima) presentation.
    Then, we want to add a topic one more ” Relationship between the Narnia and Genesis.”
    Thank you.

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