WS2, week 9, November 27th, 2015


  • Prepare your presentation.
  • See the schedule here: WS2_Presentation_Schedule
  • See the list of topics here: TMN_Essay_topics_for_22ss
  • Next week’s presentations by Ms. Miyazaki, Matsumoto, Machii.
  • Easy reading: read an easy reading book from the “Easy Reading” section of the library.
  • Record the details on your “ Reading List”. Include the following items:
  • Title, author, level, genre, comment
  • Chapter 15
    • Short Essay Questions

Today’s class

  1. Presentations by
    1. Ms. Nomura – Digory’s big problem and how he overcomes it.
    2. Ms. Nishiyama – the climax or point of maximum tension in the story
    3. Ms. Nakayama – How Uncle Andrew changes during the story, from a sinister character to a comic one and finally to a better person.

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