WS2, week 14, January 13th, 2017



Today’s class

  1. List 5 stories that are similar in some way to “The Magician’s Nephew”, e.g. stories that have
    • 2 children in a fantasy adventure
    • visits to another world or worlds
    • a strong, bad witch or bad woman (like Jadis)
    • a strong, wise, kind character (like Aslan)
  2. Write 2 paragraphs in English comparing “The Magician’s Nephew” with one story from your list.
    1. Explain the similarities
    2. Explain the differences
  3. Compare the four worlds that Digory and Polly find themselves in.
    1. How are they similar?
    2. How are they different?


Makeup class will be Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 5th period (16:45 – 18:15)

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