WS2: WEEK 13, January 5th, 2018


Email me your written work if you want me to check it. Continue working on your final probject.

Today’s class

  1. Free writing – your winter vacation
  2. Mini-lecture: according to¬† The Magician’s Nephew, what is more important than either friendship or family?
  3. Sentence combining. Read through your free writing, find sentences that can be combined and re-write them.
  4. Every claim needs evidence.
  5. Academic formatting:
    1. Use an English font (either Century or Times New Roman) size 12.
    2. Double-space your document.
    3. How to use MSWord’s refeerence functions to make citations and create a bibliography.
    4. For tutorial videos on how to double-space and create references, see this blog entry: