WS1, wk5, May 16th 2014

What did you think of today’s class? Is it useful for you to hear me read the text? What do you think of the multiple choice worksheets? Are they useful? Interesting? Too easy? Too difficult? What about the chapter summaries? Next week, I will give some guidance on writing summaries.

Let me know your opinions in the comments or send me a private email.

I plan to have more discussions in the 2nd semester. This semester, we are focusing on understanding the story.

The course outline is here: 2014 WS1_Handout


  1. Answer the multiple-choice questions for chapter 5
  2. Write a (short) summary of chapter 4 – about half a page of B5 will be enough.
  3. Presenters, prepare your presentation for next week (chapter 5)

Today’s class:

  1. Presentations on the vocabulary and meaning of chapter 4.
  2. Key points:
    1. Digory is full of curiosity, whereas Polly is less so. She is more concerned with safety.
    2. The world they visit is old and dead.
    3. Polly is a brave girl, just as brave as Digory, but perhaps a more careful person.
    4. Digory and Polly quarrel (fight) about whether to hit the bell or not. In the end, Digory uses his strength to prevent Polly from going home while he hits the bell. Polly is very, very angry.

3 thoughts on “WS1, wk5, May 16th 2014”

  1. Hello, Mr.Sheffner.

    I think the worksheets are little difficul for me.But there are useful to understand each chapter of the story.
    Also writing chapter summary is useful to remember the story. I think writinng summary is the best way to understand the story.

  2. Hello, Mr. Sheffner.
    I think the multiple choice worksheets are very useful, because I can remind the story. I’m not good at summarize the chapter, so I want to know how to do it.

  3. hello.Mr. Sheffner
    last class we read chapter 4. i found little bit difficult to understand.
    so I’m going to get japanese’s one! it would be help me to understand the story!!!!

    good day.

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