WS1, wk4, May 9th 2014

Kamogawa River, Kyoto, May 9th, 2014
Kamogawa River, Kyoto, May 9th, 2014


  1. Answer the multiple-choice questions for chapter 4
  2. Write a (short) summary of chapter 3 – about half a page of B5 will be enough.
  3. Presenters, prepare your presentation for next week (chapter 4)

Today’s class:

  1. Presentations on the vocabulary and meaning of chapter 3.
  2. Key points:
    1. “why” (not a question word)
    2. “Bother (botheration)”
    3. Uncle Andrew himself never went to the Wood Between the Worlds, so he does not fully understand the rings and how they work.
    4. The rings are made from the dust in the box that Mrs. Lefay gave to Uncle Andrew (but she told him not to open the box, and he did). The dust, we learn in chapter 3, origianlly came from the Wood Between the Worlds.
    5. Digory has a “wonderful idea” to explore the other worlds by jumping into some other pools.
    6. Polly makes him mark the pool first, so they can find their way back home. She is safety-conscious.


2 thoughts on “WS1, wk4, May 9th 2014”

  1. Hello, Mr. Sheffner.

    I translaed the story of chapter3 last week. It was difficult for me to understand and explain to everyone, but I’m looking forward to reading next chapter.

  2. Hi, Mr. Sheffner

    I found a lot of difficult words in chapter 3, but I never give up reading this story because the contents of the story are very interesting.

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