WS1, wk14, July 18th 2014

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  1. Answer the multiple-choice questions for chapters 14 and 15
  2. No summary writing homework. Finish writing your essay instead.
  3. Choose a topic for your essay:
    1. Write in detail about one of the characters in “The Magician’s Nephew” (TMN).
    2. Write in detail about one of the settings in TMN: Narnia, Charn, Uncle Andrew’s study, London, the Wood Between the Worlds.
    3. Write about another Narnia story and compare with TMN (similarities and differences)
    4. Write about the similarities and differences between TMN and the Bible (Genesis – the creation of the world and the temptation of Eve)

Today’s class:

  1. Checked the answers to chapter 13.
  2. Read the key points of chapter 12 and 13:
    1. Have you ever bathed in a mountain river?
    2. Digory reads the silver words on the golden gates.
    3. Digory takes an apple, then smells it. It smells so delicious, he wants to eat one. He begins to think it may be ok to eat one.
    4. He sees the witch in the garden. She has eaten an apple. She did not come in by the gate. She has broken two of the rules.
    5. Seeing her face, Digory begins to understand the meaning of the words on the gate: “For those who steal or those who climb my wall Shall find their heart’s desire and find despair.”
    6. The witch trieds to tempt Digory to not go back to Aslan. She uses several arguments:
      1. She tells him to listen to her because she will give him some important and useful knowledge. Digory is curious, although he says he isn’t.
      2. She offers Digory to be King of Narnia with her. Digory refuses.
      3. She tells Digory the apple he has could save his mother’s life. Why does he give the apple to Aslan, when his mother needs it more? Digory says he made a promise to Aslan, and that his mother would not like him to break his promise or tell a lie.
      4. She tells Digory that no-one will ever know about his promise to Aslan. Digory can go straight home, and leave Polly here in Narnia. Suddenly, Digory knows what he must do. He will never leave Polly alone in Narnia. He escapes from the witch and delivers the apple to Aslan.

Eve-and-the-serpent eve-serpent-temptation

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