WS1, wk13, July 11th 2014

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  1. Answer the multiple-choice questions for chapter 13
  2. No summary writing homework. Start writing your essay instead.
  3. Choose a topic for your essay:
    1. Write in detail about one of the characters in “The Magician’s Nephew” (TMN).
    2. Write in detail about one of the settings in TMN: Narnia, Charn, Uncle Andrew’s study, London, the Wood Between the Worlds.
    3. Write about another Narnia story and compare with TMN (similarities and differences)
    4. Write about the similarities and differences between TMN and the Bible (Genesis – the creation of the world and the temptation of Eve)

Today’s class:

  1. Checked the answers to chapter 12.
  2. Read the key points of chapter 11:
    1. Aslan talks to Digory and asks him if he is ready to undo the wrong he has done. Digory says he is. Aslan does not force Digory. Digory must do this of his own free will.
    2. Digory is shocked to see Aslan crying real tears. Aslan understands Digory’s sorrow.
    3. Aslan does not punish Digory for bringing Jadis into Narnia. Instead, he gives him the chance to “put things right” 正常な状態にする[戻す]
    4. Polly volunteers to accompany Digory. She does not have to go, but she wants to go.
    5. Digory offers Polly the chance to go home and eat. He is thoughtful and chivalrous. He has changed.

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