WS1, week 8, June 9th, 2017


  1. Prepare a 2-3 minute presentation on one of the British books you’ve read or British movies you’ve watched this semester. Your presentation must include:
    • information for your classmates to find the book or movie themselves
    • a brief description of the main points of the story (but don’t tell the ending)
    • what we can learn about fantasy or fairy stories from watching/reading this.
  2. Read chapter 6 of TMN and answer the MCQs. (You can download them here: MN_MCQ_ch6.rtf

Today’s class

  1. Checked answers to chapter 5 MCQs.
  2. Three questions:
    1. What other story or stories do you know that include a magic word with great power? What is the word, and what is the story?
    2. Is there any dangerous knowledge that you think humans should not use, and should be kept secret? If so, what?
    3. What do we learn about Jadis’ character from her words, her actions and her appearance in chapters 4 and 5?

Here are some images of Empress Jadis. Which is best, do you think? Can you draw a good one?

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