WS1: Week 8, June 8th, 2018


(If you chose the “Havelok” option, you do not need to do this).

  1. Choose a story to write a book report about
  2. It can be an English or a Japanese story
  3. It can be a movie IF it is based on a book.
  4. You will need to include
    1. Your comments about the book/story – these comments must be interesting and useful for the reader (i.e. not just your personal feelings)
    2. a summary of the story
    3. background facts in order to identify the story or book.
  5. Decide the order of your 3 paragraphs.

Today’s class

  1. Exchange your homework (summaries of “Havelok” chapters 1 an 2) with classmates.
  2. Read the original “Coconut” story from “Splitting the Arrow”.
  3. Re-write your summary of the story.
  4. Read chapters 7 and 8 of “Havelock the Warrior” and annotate.
  5. Would you like to be on the “Havelock Project” team? If so, please let me know by email.
    1. The Havelock Project Team will work as a team to create a booklet of notes to help Japanese readers read “Havelok the Warrior”.
    2. Your booklet needs to be finished by the end of this semester.
    3. I will give more details next week, but basically the team will make the major decisions.
  6. If you do not choose the Havelok option, choose a story to write a book report about. This book report will be your homework for next week.
Havelok pushed aside the other porters and got the job.

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  1. To write stories’ summary is helpful for me to find whether I could understand the gist of them.

    I’d like to be on the “Havelock Project” team.

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