WS1: WEEK 7, MAY 31ST, 2019


Update: I have now sent everyone my corrections and comments to your “Tortoises’ Picnic” writing. Re-write your first draft, save it as “WS1 Tortoises Picnic Draft2 YourName” (without the quotation marks) and post on Manaba by 11 a.m.  Friday June 7th.

Today’s class

Watch the beginning of “Get Shorty”:

  1. Which country is Miami in?
  2. Which part of that country is Miami in (West, East, South, North, Centre?)
  3. “I’ll say no more than I have to, if that.” Translate into Japanese.

Now watch Episode 6 of Dragon Zakura.

  1. What did you learn about learning English and writing English from this episode?