WS1, week 7, June 2nd, 2017


Read chapter 5 and answer the MCQs. You can download them here: MN_MCQ_ch6

Today’s class

  1. Checked answers to chapter 4 MCQs.
  2. Discussed the relationship between Polly and Digory in this story and especially in this chapter.
  3. Questions:
    1. The reader learns something about the character of the two children from what they do and say. What have you learned about their characters from chapter 4?
    2. Write your English grammar or vocabulary questions.
    3. Write a question you have about the story so far.
  4. The story for adults by C.S. Lewis that deals with men-women relationships in a Christian marriage is called That Hideous Strength, and the Japanese translation is 「いまわしき砦の戦い―サルカンドラ 地球編 (別世界物語)」