WS1, week 6, May 27th, 2016


  • Read chapter 4
  • Answer the MCQs (download the PDF here): MN_MCQ_ch4
  • Answer the 2 questions below and bring your answers to the next class:
    1. As this is an English class about a British fantasy story, what information do you want to hear from the presenters?
    2. How can a presentation be
      1. made more interesting?
      2. made easy to understand?
      3. organized so that the audience remembers the key points?
  • Prepare your movie presentation
  • Here is the presentation schedule as of Friday May 20th: WS1_Presentation_Schedule
  • Choose a book from the book list, find it in the library (Easy Reading section), read it, and write a short report about it. Bring your report to the next class.
    • Download the list here (Excel file): AS1_Easy_reading_library_list
    • Choose an easy book for you.
    • Easy means you can understand most of it without a dictionary.
    • Using a dictionary is OK but if you are using the dictionary all the time, the book is probably too hard for you.

Today’s class

  1. Presentation by Ms. Ito and Kawahara on the movie “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.
    1. Write some notes about the presentation content
    2. Give some written feedback to the presenters.
  2. Group discussions about the MCQs and individual questions about chapter 3.