WS1, week 6, May 26th, 2017


MCQ for chapter 4 (download the file here: MN_MCQ_ch4

Today’s class

  1. Checked meaning of homework words and phrases
  2. Summary of chapter 4
    1. What kind of world is this?
      1. Colours –
        1. Dull red, dark blue, black
      2. Cold, quiet
      3. Ruined buildings
      4. No sound, no people, no animals or insects, no flowers, trees, grass or moss. No life.
      5. A strange room full of waxwork images of people
    2. What happens? (Key events only).
      1. Polly and Digory explore the world, although they do not like it very much.
      2. They find a strange room full of waxwork images. There is a bell and a hammer. Polly wants to go home without touching it, but Digory wants to hit the bell to see what happens. They fight. Digory wins and hits the bell. They hear the sound of falling buildings.

Below is one artist’s impression of Charn. How about yours?


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