WS1: WEEK 6, MAY 24TH, 2019


Write a summary and comment about today’s story ” The tortoises’ picnic.

  • Use your APA template to write the summary and your response to the story, and upload it to Manaba in the assignment section.
  • If you agree to let your classmates read your response, copy it into the forum. (If you don’t want your classmates to read your response, don’t post it in the forum but only with your summary.)

Today’s class

  1. Were you able to see my two files (*.htm and *.rtf) with my corrections and comments to your writing? Were they useful to you? (If you were absent from class today, please email me your answer to this question.)
  2. Release forms from students for
    1. this class
    2. for public use (including publication)
  3. Academic writing rules:
    1. Avoid non-academic language (conversational English, contractions like “don’t”,  “isn’t”, etc.)
    2. Don’t begin new sentences with “And”, “But” or “Because” but instead keep them as part of the same sentence.
    3. One paragraph, one topic. New topic, new paragraphs. Keep sentences about the same topic together.
  4. Would you like to continue reading classmates’ comments to stories?
  5. Would you like to read your classmates’ summaries?
  6. Would you like to read Sheffner’s comments and corrections to classmates’ writing?
  7. Read the next story “The Tortoises’ Picnic” and the author’s comment. Check the vocabulary and meaning.

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