WS1: Week 5, MAY 17th, 2019


  1. Make your own 3-page APA-style template for your Writing Strategies writing.
    1. You can download the instructions (which I showed in class today) here
  2. Write two paragraphs about the “Learned Parrots” story.
    1. paragraph 1 – summarise the story (main points only, don’t tell the whole story)
    2. paragraph 2 – your personal response to the story.
    3. your paragraphs should be typed and saved with the name “WS1 Learned Parrots Name.doc(x)” and uploaded to Manaba by Wednesday midnight.


I have corrected your “Two Ants” summaries, and uploaded them to Manaba. Please take a look.

Today’s class

  1. How to create an APA-style template for your Writing Strategies class writing.
  2. Explanation of my error-correction system with examples.
  3. Read the next story “The Learned Parrots” in the textbook.

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