WS1, week 5, May 15th, 2015


  1. Continue with your easy reading (click here for a list of recommended stories  WS1_Easy_reading_library_list )
  2. Prepare your presentation (click here to see the presentation schedule  WRITING SKILLS 1 PRESENTATION SCHEDULE     )
  3. Read chapter 4.
  4. Take the quiz for chapter 3 (see below the picture).
  5. Take the quiz for chapter 2
  6. Send me an email.

Today’s class:

  1. Presentations by
    1. Ms. Otome on chapter 3
    2. Ms. Anan on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.
  2. Key points of chapter 3:
    1. When (and why)? This takes place after Digory has put on the ring in Uncle Andrew’s study to rescue Polly and bring her back.
    2. Where? This chapter takes place in the Wood Between the Worlds.
    3. Who? Only Polly and Digory appear in this chapter.
    4. What (happens)? Thanks to the yellow magic ring, Digory appears in the Wood Between the Worlds through a pool. At first, he cannot remember anything. He feels very sleepy and comfortable. Then he sees Polly and she sees him. Slowly, they remember what happened: about Uncle Andrew and the magic rings. They decide to go home, but Digory wants to explore the other pools. First, they make sure they can go home by using the green rings, but quickly return to the Wood Between the Worlds by using the yellow rings.  Digory marks the pool which can take them home by cutting out some grass next to it, then they jump into another pool to explore another world.

[WpProQuiz 3]

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