WS1, week 3, April 28th, 2017


  1. Finish ch. 1 MCQs
  2. Read chapter 2  of “The Magician’s Nephew”.
  3. write a short summary of chapters 1 & 2
  4. Choose another easy reading book from the list. Read it. Write a short report :
    1. Title (English)
    2. Title (Japanese  – if it is a famous novel, you will find this easily with a bit of research)
    3. Author . Some books are original stories. But many books are famous novels re-written for English students (like you).  In that case, write the name of the author of the original story, not the easy-reading version.
    4. When book published
    5. Story:
      1. When does the story take place?
      2. Where does the story take place?
      3. Who are the main characters?
      4. What happens (give a short summary of the story)
      5. What did you learn about British from reading this book? (You may need to do a little bit of research).
      6. Your comments (short, please)

Today’s class

Today I will use some extracts from this book to introduce the importance of thinking logically when writing in English.

  1. What  book did you read for homework?
  2. Chapter 1 multiple-choice quiz.

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