WS1, week 5, May 19th, 2017


  1. Find the following words and expressions in chapter 3 and use a dictionary to find their meanings.
    1. beastly (“Digory explained how beastly Uncle Andrew had been.”)
    2. bother (“Oh bother Uncle Andrew.”)
    3. pluck (“He never had the pluck to come here himself.”)
    4. do listen (“No, do listen.”)
    5. No thanks. (“And get caught by Uncle Andrew and have our rings taken away before we’ve had any fun. No thanks.”)
    6. gassing (“Well don’t keep on gassing about it.”)
    7. blast (“Blast and botheration!”)
    8. game (“I’m game if you are.”)
  2. Read chapter 4. (Don’t write your summary yet. You will write a summary in class next week. )

Today’s class

  1. Chapter 3 MCQs and checking of answers. You can download the worksheet here: MN_MCQ_ch3

“The Wood between the Worlds,” said Polly dreamily. “It sounds rather nice.” (TMN, chapter 3).

The Wood between the Worlds has touched many people’s imaginations, not only Polly’s. The picture below is one artist’s impression of that place described in chapter 3 of “The Magician’s Nephew” by C.S. Lewis.

The picture below was painted by American artist Jef Murray, who painted many other Narnia pictures.Click here to visit his website and see more.

Click the picture below to see more. pictures by other artists on the theme of “The Wood between the Worlds”.

Have any events or objects or people in the story so far inspired your imagination? Which ones?

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