AS1, week 4, May 12th, 2017


  1. Choose another book or movie from the list.
  2. Read it/watchi it.
  3. Write a short report.
    1. Use the format shown in the April 28th blog post

Today’s class

  1. Mini-lecture: why I don’t mark your papers with a red pen.
  2. Free writing: why I’m in this class (5 mins)
  3. Textbook p. 15 ①+②
  4. Chapter 2:
    1. Discuss in groups of 4/5 the meaning of each section
    2. Mini-lecture from Sheffner on additional background information on each section
    3. Sections covered:
      1. Stonehenge
      2. The Celts
      3. The Romans

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