WS1: Week 3, April 27th, 2018

(No class next week. Next class, May 11th)

Homework (for May 11th)

  1. read chapter one of “Havelock the Warrior”
  2. underline or mark with a highlighter pen all the words and sentences that you need to use a dictionary for.
  3. Bring your paper to class next time.

Today’s class

  1. Summary of key points of academic writing
    • Academic writing.
    • Start with a research question
      • e,g, what are academic skills?
      • why did the author write/tell this story?
      • What is the purpose of stories?
      • why are stories so important to human beings?
    • Define your terms
      • e.g  original meaning of “academic”
      • history of academic writing – where does it come from
      • E.g. meaning / origin of the word “story”
    • Collect your evidence
      • Observations (what you saw/read with your own eyes)
      • objective facts (dates and names of people, places, etc)
      • make careful notes of what you find
    • Decide your answer to your research question
    • present / publish your answer (conclusion, findings, research results) including your facts which support your conclusion.
      • get feedback from audience (listeners & readers) so that you can
        • correct your language (grammar)
        • correct your thinking (logic)
        • improve your communication to make it more effective
  2. Response to lPot with the Hole” story
    1. summary
    2. what doea the author want to say? What is the meaning of the story?
    3. your personal response /reaction
    4. In future, we will discuss the author’s workdview
    5. intro to Havelock homework

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