WS1: WEEK 3, APRIL 26TH, 2019


  1. Write a summary of the Coconut story in “Splitting the Arrow”. Your summary should include only the main points of the story and should be between 3~6 sentences long. Upload it in the assignments section of Manaba.
  2. Write a personal response to the Coconut story and upload it in the Forum on Manaba. What you write will be read by your classmates and me.

Today’s class

Thinking academically

  1. Asking questions to get correct and accurate information
    1. This is necessary in order to
      1. take correct action
      2. write correct reports or essays
      3. write persuasive essays
    2. We read the textbook, pages 01-04.
      1. Japan has a traditional practice called Zen which includes the use of unusual questions (called “koan”) to provoke deep thought and understanding in the student. One example of a “koan” is “What was your name before you were born?”
    3. We read the Coconut story, checked the meaning of difficult vocabulary and wrote a summary of it.

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