WS1, week 2, April 22nd, 2016

Welcome to Sheffner’s AW class blog. This is a record of each week’s lesson, plus the homework. I may sometimes add related information or videos for you to watch or read. I will update this blog each Friday evening usually, and by Sunday evening at the latest.

NB:  Next class (week 4) will be in 2 weeks’ time, on May 6th.


  1. List of British fantasy movies (download the list here: Brit movie List
    1. Find the Japanese title and write it on the form
    2. Are these movies in the DWC library? Mark those movies with a check mark in the “library” column.
    3. Is there a book of this story? Mark those movies with a check mark in the “book?” column.
  2. Read chapter 1 and answer the MCQs. (Download the MCQs document here: MN_MCQ_ch1
  3. Leave a comment here about
    1. today’s class
    2. your questions and notes about paragraphs 1 and 2 of chapter 1.
    3. To leave a comment you must
      1. Click the words “Leave a comment” at the bottom of this post,
      2. type in your name (use your family name only for your privacy)
      3. type in your university email address (this is not public; only I can see this)

Today’s class

  1. Introduction
    1. Hi, I’m Marc Sheffner, born in Britain, have French and English parents.
  2. In this class, we will do lots of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  3. Interest survey (download it here and complete if you were absent): Interest survey
  4. How to annotate a text:
    1. circle any vocabulary words you are unfamiliar with
    2. underline key phrases
    3. note anything that seems to you important or confusing
    4. write any questions you have about the text
  5. Read paragraphs 1 and 2 of chapter 1 and annotate

22 thoughts on “WS1, week 2, April 22nd, 2016”

  1. Hello. The first class was fun.
    Especially, musics you chose is so good to read a book.
    I do not have any question.

  2. In first class, I enjoyed reading book with listening music. I am liking forward to the next class!

  3. Hello! In the first class I couldn’t understand everything which you says, because I’m not good at listening to English speech. So I want to talk with you many times in this class. Anyway I don’t have any question. Thank you for reading.

  4. The first class was interesting. I’m looking forward to reading the text book in this class.

  5. The first class was nice. I could concentrate the class. Textbook is little difficult for me, but it is interesting. I would like to read exactly.
    I don’t have any question.

  6. Hello. This is Takahashi.
    The first class was good for me.
    I’d like to read English books more faster than now.

  7. The first crass was good. The textbook is funtastic for me. I’m looking forward to seeing wou next crass.

  8. Hello. I like your class. Listening to music is also nice. I would like to enjoy reading the book. I try to understand the text and what you say. I don’t have questions. Thank you.

  9. The first class was fun for me. When we read books, we also enjoy with music. It makes me relaxed. I have no question about homework. thank you for a interesting class.

  10. Hello. The first class was good.
    The back music of your choice was so fun.
    and the text book looks nice ( but little difficult?)
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing you and the classmates.

  11. The first class was very nice! I was able to hear what you were saying because you talk slowly for us. I’m looking forward to having the next class.

  12. The first class was a lot of fun for me. The textbook looks difficult to understand, but I try to read well. I’m looking forward to this class. Thank you.


  14. The first class was fun! I like The CRONICLES of NARNIA. And I think that I want to read it hardly.

  15. I was nervous at first but music made me relax! I like to my work while listening to music! Thank you!

  16. The first class was nice. I’d like to spend a lot of time to read English from now on. i hope you speak a bit more loudly if you possible. Thank you for reading.

  17. WS1 class is interested in me. I hope this class will be better one. I have no question.

  18. The 1st class was fun for me. It was easy to hear your voice because your English was so clrear. I’d like to improve my English skill more.

  19. The first class was nice. I’ll do my best to inprove my English skills!!!
    Please speak a little more loudly.

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