WS1: Week 2, April 20th, 2018


  1. What are the key points and the meaning of the story ‘The Pot with the Hole’? Bring your answers to class next week.
  2. Write a short personal comment about the story here on the class blog.

Today’s class

  • What is ‘academic writing’? It is part of a long tradition in Western civilization.
  • Download a PDF of today’s worksheet here: what is academic writing_short_v3


13 thoughts on “WS1: Week 2, April 20th, 2018”

  1. I think this gardener is very considerate. We probably think the pot with hole is useless. However, he used it by the other way like a watering pot. I want to be like a this considerate person.

  2. This story was so wonderful. I think it is very important for all people to understand the weakness of oneself and proud of oneself.

  3. I want to be like the gardener in this story because he can find good points of the weak.

  4. I thought there is not useless around us. All incident is useful and sometimes, our weak point become a good point.

  5. I was noticed from this short story that even if the original role can’t be fulfilled, I could find useful things elsewhere.

  6. I was touched by this story. I though that I want to have confidence by myself from reading the story!!

  7. It was very nice story. I thought any weak points can change strong points. So, it is very important to review thier own.

  8. I was moved by the gardener’s word at the end of this story. I think it’s important to look from various point of view.

  9. This is good story. I realized it depends on how we take it, we can changed to good points even bad points.

  10. I was impressed by the story. I learned that it is important to think about it from a different point of view. If so, I can spend my life without stress.

  11. It was nice story. someone is easy to feel anxiety or sad, but it’s important to have more confidence.

  12. I learned a lot from the story and I found it precious to discover a good point of the other. I try to find a good point, not a bad point.

  13. I was touched by the story and I realized that weak points would become strong points. It is important to have confidence in myself.

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