WS1: week 14, July 21st, 2017


  1. Read chapter 9 of TMN and answer the MCQs (download them here:   )
  2. Read the Bible, Genesis chapters 1-3 (in Japanese).
  3. Either
    1. Bring your Bible to class next week or
    2. Print out Genesis chapters 1-3 in both English and Japanese and bring to class next week.
    3. What is the relationship between God and man in
      1. the Bible
      2. TMN?
  4. Bring all your writings for this class (assignments, MCQs, etc) to class next Friday. You will do some writing in class and you will need your textbook and your written work.

Today’s class

  1. Class survey
  2. Feedback for Sheffner
    1. Self-evaluation ?/100 + reasons. Evaluate yourself and give yourself a score out of 100 for what you have done in this class this semester (homework, presentations, reports, etc). Explain your reasons for your score.
    2. Sheffner evlauation: ?/100 + reasons. Evaluate your instructor for his work in this class this semester. Explain your reasons for your score.
    3. What did you learn in this class this semester?
    4. Any other comments – e.g. about the textbook, assignments, blog, presentations, etc.

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